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#130: Mon October 30, 2023

Connecting Communities: WordPress ActivityPub Plugin Bridges Platforms Seamlessly

Binary Moon Avatar This post was curated and edited by Ben Gillbanks. Ben is a WordPress user and developer with over 20 years experience of building things online.

Discover how the WordPress ActivityPub Plugin bridges online communities, learn about WordPress's built-in HTTP functions, and find out why attachment pages will be disabled in the upcoming release of WordPress 6.4. Also, explore OMGIMG's image editor for WordPress sites and Patchstack's partnership with Cloudways for enhanced security scanning.

Hope you had a great weekend! Welcome to a new week of WP Briefs, your Alien Intelligence source for the latest news and updates in the WordPress world. Today is Monday 30th of October 2023.

In a world constantly growing more interconnected, online communities are flourishing on various platforms. As a byproduct of this digital evolution, there’s a rising need for diverse platforms to interact seamlessly with each other 1. This is where protocols like ActivityPub play a pivotal role by promoting cross-platform interactions. For WordPress, a platform that powers a large portion of the internet, the WordPress ActivityPub Plugin allows it to bridge communities and connect with other platforms using this protocol.

Sometimes your WordPress site needs to talk to other services around the web. This almost exclusively happens using the HTTP protocol. A common example is when your WordPress installation contacts the WordPress.org servers to check for new versions of plugins, themes, and WordPress core itself. In this article, we take a closer look at the built-in HTTP functions that WordPress offers to make these requests and show why it’s almost always a good idea to use those instead of built in PHP functions 2.

With the upcoming release of WordPress 6.4 on November 7th, attachment pages will be disabled for new installations. Attachment pages were automatically created by WordPress when users uploaded files through the media upload system 3. This change aims to streamline and improve user experience by removing unnecessary attachment pages.

OMGIMG has launched as an image editor and social image generator specifically designed for WordPress websites and content creation 4. With OMGIMG, users can enhance their featured images and create professional images for social media directly from their WordPress platform.

Patchstack has announced a new strategic partnership with Cloudways [^5]. Cloudways has recently launched their vulnerability scanner powered by Patchstack’s database. This integration provides Cloudways customers with visibility into potential Security issues within their WordPress core, plugin, and theme versions. By utilizing Patchstack’s expertise in security scanning, more website owners will be able to identify hidden security risks in their websites.

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  1. Bridging Communities: An Overview of the WordPress ActivityPub Plugin 

  2. Sometimes your WordPress site needs to talk to other services around the web 

  3. WordPress 6.4 Disables Attachment Pages for New Installations 

  4. OMGIMG Launches 

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