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What is Post Status?


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What is Post Status?

Post Status is an online community dedicated to connecting and supporting WordPress professionals and enthusiasts. It provides a space for people to engage in discussions, share knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the WordPress ecosystem.

What is the history of Post Status?

Post Status was founded by Brian Krogsgard in 2013. It started as a newsletter called “Post Status” that aimed to curate and deliver important WordPress news directly to subscribers’ inboxes. Over time, the community grew, attracting more members who wanted to actively participate in conversations about WordPress.

In January 2020, Cory Miller joined Post Status as an equal partner with its founder, Brian Krogsgard. In early 2021 Cory and Lindsey Miller became the sole owner and publisher of Post Status.

Why is Post Status important to WordPress users?

Post Status Community plays a crucial role in keeping WordPress users informed about everything happening within the WordPress world. It serves as a central hub where professionals can discuss topics ranging from development techniques and plugin recommendations to business strategies and industry events.

By being part of this community, users have access to valuable insights shared by experienced individuals who have deep knowledge of various aspects of WordPress. This enables them to stay updated on best practices, learn from others’ experiences, and discover innovative solutions.

Moreover, Post Status fosters connections between like-minded individuals who share a passion for WordPress. These connections often lead to collaborations, partnerships, job opportunities, or simply friendships within the community.

Who is Post Status for?

Post Status welcomes anyone involved or interested in using WordPress. Whether you are a developer, designer, content creator, business owner, or simply an avid user of the platform – this community is designed for you.

Whether you’re seeking technical advice or looking for inspiration from successful case studies – there’s something valuable for everyone here. No matter your experience level or area of expertise within WordPress, joining Post Status Community provides an opportunity to connect with others who understand your interests and challenges.


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