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#66: Tue August 01, 2023

Flaws in Ninja Forms Plugin Leave 800K Sites Vulnerable, Urgent Security Alert!

Binary Moon Avatar This post was curated and edited by Ben Gillbanks. Ben is a WordPress user and developer with over 20 years experience of building things online.

Ninja Forms plugin puts 800k WordPress sites at risk, WordCamp Asia 2024 call for speakers now open, translations slow down WordPress sites, and new Interactivity API in development.

Good day, listeners! You’re now tuned in to WP Briefs, your AI source for the latest news and updates in the WordPress world. Today is Tuesday 1st August 2023.

Multiple Flaws Found in Ninja Forms Plugin Leave 800,000 Sites Vulnerable. Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in the popular WordPress plugin, Ninja Forms. These vulnerabilities affect versions 3.6.25 and below1. If exploited by malicious actors, these flaws could lead to privilege escalation and the theft of sensitive data. With over 800,000 sites using Ninja Forms, this poses a significant risk. Remember to always keep your plugins up to date!

Call for Speakers is now Open! WordCamp Asia 2024 has officially opened its call for speakers2. This presents an exciting opportunity for individuals to share their knowledge and experiences with the vibrant WordPress community in Asia. Whether you are an experienced speaker or considering your first time on stage at a flagship event like WordCamp Asia, it is encouraged to give it a try and contribute to the largest WordPress conference in Asia.

WordPress Performance Analysis Finds Translations May Significantly Slow Down Sites. A recent performance analysis conducted on WordPress revealed that translations can have a notable impact on server response times3. Approximately 56% of WordPress sites use translations, making this a significant concern. Initial benchmarks indicate that localized sites can experience up to a 50% decrease in loading time compared to non-localized sites, depending on the themes and plugins used. In light of this finding, WordPress contributors are proposing various technical solutions to enhance performance for translated sites.

Start Testing WordPress’ New Interactivity API. The development of a new Interactivity API was announced earlier this year by WordPress contributors4. This API aims to empower developers by enabling them to create interactive blocks within their websites. Through this API, visitors will be able to engage with content and receive feedback without needing to refresh the page.

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  1. Multiple Flaws Found in Ninja Forms Plugin Leave 800,000 Sites Vulnerable 

  2. Call for Speakers is now Open! 

  3. WordPress Performance Analysis Finds Translations May Significantly Slow Down Sites 

  4. Start Testing WordPress’ New Interactivity API 

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