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#147: Wed November 22, 2023

Gutenberg Enables Real-Time Collaboration in WordPress, UserPro Plugin Vulnerabilities Patched

Binary Moon Avatar This post was curated and edited by Ben Gillbanks. Ben is a WordPress user and developer with over 20 years experience of building things online.

WordPress version 17.0 introduces collaborative editing, WordPress TV releases a video on the WP REST API, and critical vulnerabilities in the UserPro plugin are patched. Also, WooCommerce 8.3.1 is now available with bug fixes and security enhancements.

Howdy, welcome to WP Briefs, your Artificially Intelligent source for the latest news and updates in the WordPress world. Today is Wednesday 22nd of November 2023.

In our first story, the Gutenberg team has released version 17.0 of WordPress, which includes the first version of collaborative editing for WordPress users1. This new feature allows multiple users to work on a post simultaneously, similar to how collaboration works in platforms like Google Drive. Previously, if two users tried to edit a post at the same time, they would receive a message stating that the post is already being edited and one user would have to stop. With collaborative editing, this limitation is removed, allowing for real-time collaboration within WordPress.

Moving on to our next story, WordPress TV has released a new video titled “Old WP REST API, New Tricks”2. The video showcases how developers can leverage WordPress’s existing endpoints and create custom ones using PHP without relying on plugins. Attendees will also learn about Security concerns and how to secure their REST API endpoints. This resourceful presentation demonstrates how the REST API can be used to power front-end React apps or even separate websites.

Next up, we have a guide on WordPress maintenance: upgrading your site’s PHP version3. Upgrading your PHP version is crucial for improved security, performance, and compatibility with newer versions of WordPress and its plugins. This article provides step-by-step instructions on why and how you should upgrade your PHP version.

In another news update from WordFence, several critical Vulnerabilities in Kirotech’s UserPro plugin have been patched. These vulnerabilities included privilege escalation and authentication bypass issues that could potentially affect more than 20,000 WordPress websites using this plugin4. Users who are utilizing Wordfence Premium or other related services have received firewall rules protection against potential exploits targeting these vulnerabilities.

Lastly, we have an announcement about WooCommerce 8.3.1 release5. WooCommerce is one of the most popular E-Commerce plugins for WordPress. This update brings bug fixes, improvements, and security enhancements to the plugin. Users can download the latest release from the WooCommerce website or update it directly from their WordPress admin screen.

That wraps up today’s news roundup. Stay tuned for more updates in the world of WordPress.

If you enjoyed this episode, please tell your friends. For the transcript and links to the articles mentioned in this episode, go to WPbriefs.com. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you tomorrow.

  1. Testing the New Collaborative Editing in the WordPress Block Editor - Read More 

  2. New video from WordPress TV: Old WP REST API, New Tricks - Watch Now 

  3. WordPress Maintenance: How to Upgrade PHP Version - Learn More 

  4. Several Critical Vulnerabilities including Privilege Escalation, Authentication Bypass, and More Patched in UserPro WordPress Plugin - Read More 

  5. WooCommerce 8.3.1 Released - Download Here 

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