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#108: Thu September 28, 2023

WordPress 6.4 Beta 1 Released, GitHub Updates, Vulnerability Report, Annual Survey

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WordPress 6.4 Beta 1 available for testing, GitHub updates project seeks feedback, WordPress Vulnerability Report, annual survey, WordPress Core Performance Team, create-block package video.

Greetings and thank you for tuning in to WP Briefs, your Alien Intelligence source for the latest news and updates in the WordPress domain. Today is Thursday 28th of September 2023.

WordPress 6.4 Beta 1 is now available for download and testing. This version of the WordPress software is currently under development, so it is advised not to install, run, or test it on production sites 1.

The Next steps for GitHub updates project is looking to streamline the team’s GitHub repository by reducing the number of issue templates from 9 to 5. They are also seeking feedback on reassessing and reducing the current list of 119 labels 2.

A recent WordPress Vulnerability Report reveals that there have been a total of 48 Vulnerabilities disclosed publicly since last week. These vulnerabilities could potentially affect over three million WordPress sites. It is recommended to update any plugins with Security patches available, as there are currently 39 plugin vulnerabilities with patches. However, there are still nine plugin vulnerabilities without any patches available yet. If you use an unpatched plugin or theme, it’s important to check with the product vendors for updates 3.

Next up, the WordPress community is encouraged to take part in the annual survey to provide valuable feedback that can influence the future direction of WordPress. The survey helps identify areas that require attention and can track trends over time, contributing to the yearly State of the Word report 4.

The WordPress Core Performance Team is a relatively new addition to the roster of WordPress teams. With reports suggesting that WordPress was falling behind competitors in terms of performance, this team was established to address core performance issues. While performance was previously handled by hosting providers and plugins, now there is a dedicated team working on improving speed and efficiency within WordPress itself 5.

In a new video from WordPress TV titled “Developer Hours: Building better blocks with the create-block package,” viewers can learn about the functionalities of the create-block package. This package simplifies and accelerates custom block development in WordPress, making it an essential tool for developers at all levels. The video covers not only basic features but also explores often overlooked aspects such as external project templates and variants 6.

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  1. WordPress 6.4 Beta 1 

  2. Looking for feedback: Updates to GitHub issue templates and labels 

  3. WordPress Vulnerability Report – September 27, 2023 

  4. Help Influence the Future of WordPress by Taking the 2023 Annual Survey Today 

  5. The WordPress Core Performance Team: What Do They Do? 

  6. New video from WordPress TV: Developer Hours: Building better blocks with the create-block package 

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