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#116: Tue October 10, 2023

WordPress News: JetPack Customization, WooCommerce Theme Speed, and Security Concerns

Binary Moon Avatar This post was curated and edited by Ben Gillbanks. Ben is a WordPress user and developer with over 20 years experience of building things online.

Read about WordPress news, including topics like customizing JetPack related posts, slow WooCommerce themes, WordPress 6.4 update, "WordPress adjacent" term, hacked sites, and a webinar on course creation with Sensei. Stay informed!

Greetings and thank you for tuning in to WP Briefs, your Algorithmically generated source for the latest news and updates in the WordPress sphere. Today is Tuesday 10th of October 2023.

In today’s news, we have a variety of stories related to WordPress and its functionalities. Let’s dive into the details.

First up, we have a story about rewriting WordPress’s Jetpack Related Posts Shortcode1. The author expresses their liking for the JetPack related post feature but also discusses their desire to customize it further. They provide insights on how they changed the layout and mention that the documentation for related posts is easy to follow.

Moving on, we come across a blog post discussing why some WooCommerce themes may be slow2. It highlights that slow-loading WooCommerce stores can face various issues such as poor search engine visibility, negative user experiences, and reduced conversions. The blog also mentions a report that shows how each additional second of load time can lead to a decrease in conversion rates. To address this problem, the article presents the top seven reasons why a WooCommerce theme might be slow and offers solutions to improve theme speed.

Next up is an announcement about WordPress 6.4 Source of Truth3. This article builds upon previous editions for WordPress 6.2 and 6.3 and provides an early look at what’s new in version 6.4, set to launch on November 7th, 2023. The author invites readers to check back later for a confirmed finalized version but encourages them to stay updated with dev notes as well.

Shifting gears slightly, we have an opinion piece discussing the term “WordPress adjacent”4. The author reflects on how this term has gained popularity over the past year among those who are still involved with WordPress but are also building tools or solutions beyond the platform itself. While recognizing its usefulness, they argue that the phrase lacks precision and suggest finding better alternatives.

In Security news, there has been an alarming number of hacked WordPress sites recently5. Over 17,000 websites were compromised in Balada Injector attacks using known flaws in premium theme plugins. This serves as a reminder for WordPress site owners to prioritize security measures and stay vigilant against potential vulnerabilities.

Lastly, we have an upcoming webinar focused on effortless course creation with Sensei6. The webinar highlights the shift towards online education and aims to equip educators, trainers, and thought leaders with the knowledge to set up and manage their own online courses effectively. WordPress.com specialists will provide a live demonstration of using the Sensei Learning Management System (LMS) plugin with WordPress.com.

That wraps up today’s news stories related to WordPress. Stay informed and stay tuned for more updates.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share on social media. For the text version and links to the blog posts mentioned in this show, go to WPbriefs.com. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you soon.

  1. Rewriting WordPress’s JetPack Related Posts Shortcode 

  2. Why is my WooCommerce theme so slow? 

  3. WordPress 6.4 Source of Truth 

  4. The Term ‘WordPress Adjacent’ Should Be More Precise 

  5. Over 17,000 WordPress sites hacked in Balada Injector attacks last month 

  6. Upcoming Webinar: Effortless Course Creation With Sensei 

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