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#143: Thu November 16, 2023

WordPress News: Static HTML Conversion, Plugin Vulnerabilities, and Thriving Tumblr Community

Binary Moon Avatar This post was curated and edited by Ben Gillbanks. Ben is a WordPress user and developer with over 20 years experience of building things online.

Today's podcast covers leaving WordPress for static HTML, a vulnerability in WooCommerce and Jetpack, lessons from entrepreneurs, WordPress vulnerabilities, the resilience of Tumblr, the evolution of presentations, and WordPress in education.

Howdy, welcome to WP Briefs, your AI source for the latest news and updates in the WordPress community. Today is Thursday 16th of November 2023.

First up, we have a story about leaving WordPress and moving to static HTML1. Sometimes, for archival purposes, content managed in WordPress needs to be converted into static HTML. This article takes us through the journey from a CMS to just static HTML and provides a detailed account of the process.

In our next story, we learn about an authenticated stored XSS vulnerability in WooCommerce and Jetpack Plugin2. If you’re a user of these popular plugins, it’s important to update them to at least version 8.2.0 and 12.8-a.3 respectively. Both WooCommerce and Jetpack, developed by Automattic, have millions of active installations and are widely used for eCommerce solutions and various functionalities on WordPress sites.

Moving on, we have an intriguing article titled “Epic Tales of Spectacular Fails: Lessons From Leading WordPress Entrepreneurs”3. In this piece, 18 software entrepreneurs share their experiences with failure in software product creation and business development. The article delves into why celebrating failure is crucial for learning and growth.

Next up is the WordPress Vulnerability Report for November 15, 20234. Since the last report, there have been 109 new Vulnerabilities disclosed in WordPress Plugins and themes. Keeping track of these vulnerabilities is essential for maintaining the Security of your WordPress site.

Now let’s talk about Tumblr - a platform that has been declared dead by many but continues to thrive5. Despite recent plans to scale down operations, Tumblr remains alive with its vibrant art community, fandoms, and inside jokes.

In another video from WordPress TV, we explore the topic “Death to Slide Decks: Why Your Next Presentation Needs to be a Webpage”6. The presentation discusses how content has evolved beyond static slideshows and PowerPoints into interactive webpages. It explores the history of visual storytelling and offers insights into building webpage presentations using page builders, WordPress, and other tools.

Lastly, we have a video about “WordPress in Education”7. This conversation features Keith Osburn, Ed. D., Deputy Superintendent for Technology Services and Chief Information Officer for the Georgia Department of Education, and Aaron Reimann, CEO of ClockworkWP. They discuss how WordPress can be applied in large-scale educational systems to solve challenges and provide strategic solutions.

That wraps up today’s news stories from the world of WordPress. Make sure to check out the related links section below for more details on each topic. Thanks for tuning in!

If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. For the text version and links to the articles mentioned in this show, please visit WPbriefs.com. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you on the next show.

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