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#34: Fri June 16, 2023

Speaker Workshop for WordPress Enthusiasts in APAC, Mark Your Calendars!

Binary Moon Avatar This post was curated and edited by Ben Gillbanks. Ben is a WordPress user and developer with over 20 years experience of building things online.

Hello, and welcome to WP Briefs on 16th June 2023! I’m here to bring you the latest news from the world of WordPress. Let’s dive right in.

In today’s top story, we have an exciting opportunity for speakers in the Asia-Pacific region. On July 2nd, there will be a Speaker Workshop titled “How to Own Your Expertise & Start Speaking at WordPress Events APAC.” This workshop is open to both new and experienced speakers who are interested in sharing their knowledge with others. If you’re passionate about WordPress and want to spread the word, mark your calendars for this event!

Now onto our next story, where we explore the power of community. Katie Keith from Barn2 Plugins shares her reflections on sponsoring WordCamp Europe for the first time. She discusses the learning points and takeaways from this experience, highlighting how being part of a supportive community can make a significant impact.

Moving on, we have a security alert for WooCommerce users. A vulnerability has been discovered in the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin that affects over 900,000 websites. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability to steal sensitive customer information. It’s crucial for website owners using this plugin to take immediate action and ensure their customers’ data is protected.

In another development, 10up introduces HeadstartWP—an open-source framework designed specifically for headless WordPress sites. Leveraging their expertise in building decoupled sites, HeadstartWP offers developers a starting point powered by WordPress and Next.js. This framework aims to save developers time while delivering high-quality craftsmanship.

Next up is our weekly vulnerability report brought to you by WordFence Intelligence. In the past week alone, 45 vulnerabilities were disclosed in 30 different WordPress plugins. It’s essential for site owners to review this report carefully and take necessary precautions to secure their websites against potential threats.

And finally, some exciting news from Automattic. Matt, the founder of WordPress, has generously donated funds to support Gutenberg development in Drupal. With a donation of €20,000, Automattic aims to foster collaboration between the two communities and help bring the benefits of Gutenberg to Drupal users.

That’s all for today’s news. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on WP Briefs. I’m your host, and I’ll see you next week! WP Briefs, bringing you the latest from the world of WordPress.

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