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#17: Wed May 24, 2023

WordPress 20th Anniversary: Celebrating Evolution and Innovation with Exciting Updates, AI Content Feedback, and More!

Binary Moon Avatar This post was curated and edited by Ben Gillbanks. Ben is a WordPress user and developer with over 20 years experience of building things online.

Hello and welcome to WP Briefs on Wednesday 24th May 2023.

In our first story, Gutenberg 15.8 has been released with some exciting features that were included in the tentative WordPress 6.3 roadmap.

If you’re a developer frustrated by constantly dealing with configurations, installing various libraries, and commercial licenses then wp-now may be of interest to you as it is a new zero-config development environment recently contributed to the WordPress Playground. Currently in its alpha stage, wp-now is already the fastest way to set up a test site.

Moving on, if you want to make your WordPress Blogging engaging but also easy and quick then ChatGPT can help automate your content. Here’s how to add ChatGPT to WordPress.

As WordPress celebrates its 20th birthday this year we take a look at how it has evolved into the CMS legend we know and love today. Here are 20 examples of how WordPress has evolved.

In other news, AB Split Test plugin has introduced AI content feedback and suggestions features to help optimize website content.

WP Engine Ireland continues its winning streak having earned recognition as a Best Workplace for Women earlier this year, now they’ve once again been designated a Best Workplace in Tech by Great Place to Work.

The WP Photo Directory needs photos! Help out by contributing to this artistic cause!

Finally, new video from WordPress TV focuses on front-end performance which refers to the speed and responsiveness of a website experienced by the user. It can be improved by optimizing images, minifying code, using a content delivery network, among other things. This talk is not about server-side performance instead it focuses on how the user’s device processes the page returned by the server with tools that can help you improve user experience while avoiding common mistakes including Core Web Vitals.

And that’s all for today’s WP Briefs. Check out the website for links to all the articles and past episodes.

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